Show That Work Is Happening With Item Status

Use the status feature to quickly inform project collaborators of the current progress of each feedback item. New feedback items default to Open, but you can easily update the status as work moves ahead.

A screenshot of the Punchlist project interface, zoomed in on a comment. In the sidebar, the status of the feedback is Open. The dropdown is expanded to show the other status options.
  1. Click on the default Open status within the feedback item card.
  2. Choose from the five different status options in the dropdown box to update your progress. Changes to your status will update immediately within your feedback item card. Status options include:
  • Open
  • In Progress
  • Ready for Review
  • Waiting for Feedback
  • Done — Items marked as done will disappear from the sidebar, but are not permanently deleted. To access items marked as done, Sort Feedback Item Status as Done and they will appear. Change the status to any of the other options to have the feedback card reappear on your project interface.

Item statuses are not customizable at this time — but if you’d like the ability to change status titles to match your existing workflow, let us know at