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Punchlist is the feedback layer over your creative work. Whether you're reviewing a website, landing page, PDF, deck or any kind of design project—just share one URL, then point, and click.
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How does Punchlist sync with these platforms, and what functionalities are available when using Punchlist within them?

Punchlist supports a variety of key integrations to help you with your workflow. These integrations are great ways to send project feedback you receive on Punchlist to the tools you already work with. When you hook up a workspace integration, it is not automatically active on a project.

When activating an integration, you’ll be given the option to turn on Automatic updates. This means when issues are added in Punchlist, they will immediately be sent to the integration. You’re able to change this at any time. Some users opt for automatic updates so that nothing gets missed by their team in the other tool. Others prefer manual updates so they can review feedback in Punchlist and only send immediately actionable items to their team’s tool.

How seamless is the integration process, and are there any limitations or dependencies to be aware of?

The specific use case of how you use your tools may impact different dependancies. While the integrations are currently set up to ease your tech silos, we are constantly reviewing the integrations process and how we can continue to improve how Punchlist integrates with your other everyday tools.

Can Punchlist facilitate collaboration between users who are working with different design tools or platforms?

Absolutely! The beauty of Punchlist is that you can bring your Figma assets, Webflow or WordPress site to collaborators and stakeholders without ever having to ask them to get their own account for those services.

Nothing to install. No difficult registration process. Just a link, point, click, and comment.

How does Punchlist handle data security and privacy when integrating with third-party platforms or software?

We aim to be as secure as possible by following the guidelines set by the third parties. We use OAuth2 where available, and encrypt sensitive data in transit and at rest.

What level of customization is possible with Punchlist integrations?

The customization may be limited to selecting which board to use (in Asana, similar functionality with different terms for others) but there isn't much more that can be customized. Whatever the content looks like is already set. Another layer of customization would be selecting whether to submit items automatically or manually.