Say goodbye to painful email chains and QA spreadsheets forever

See how 10,000+ project managers are putting the client feedback process on autopilot. Just point, click, and comment. All in one simple tool.

graphic showing the punchlist comment card.

Collect Feedback

Collect key insight and important context with a collaborative feedback layer over your creative projects.

Collaborate on almost any creative project

Punchlist supports live websites, landing pages, Figma canvases, PDFs, image files, and even Powerpoints. Collect feedback on virtually any file type, all in one place. You can even mix file types in a single project to create a record of client feedback from project start through launch.

Capture a visual record of stakeholder comments

No more scratching your head at hieroglyphics like "on the About page, paragraph four, third sentence..." Punchlist automatically grabs a screenshot, resolution, and browser info in each comment so you can see exactly what they're referring to. For collaborators, leaving feedback is as easy as point and click..

Maintain separate conversations for internal and external feedback

Sometimes your team needs to come to a resolution before you involve the client or stakeholder. But then that feedback gets lost in Slack or another platform. With private comments you can maintain separate conversations within the same project, so that no feedback is ever lost.

Punchlist comment asking for feedback.
Illustration demonstrating how users can attach files to a Punchlist comment.
Punchlist allows for rich text editing.
Punchlist comments display browser information.
Illustration detailing status updates within the Punchlist app.

Share Feedback

Get feedback out of your inbox. Invite team members and stakeholders to collaborate with you in Punchlist.

Easy to share, with one simple link

Generate a share URL in seconds or invite users by email. Set a due date for feedback and our system will send automatic reminders — one less thing on your to-do list. See who can view your project at a glance and manage user roles with ease.

Assign & @mention to hold collaborators accountable

Keep everyone in the loop and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. @Mention or Assign comments as actionable tasks, and highlight missing assets or decision points directly on screen. We'll automatically notify teammates when they're mentioned or assigned so they can easily jump into the conversation.

Control who sees what (with added security features)

Manage who has access to your work by changing your project from public to workspace- or invite-only. For an extra level of protection, enable password protection. And with SOC 2 compliance, you know your project data is secure.

Organize Feedback

Keep track of what's left to be done with statuses, filters, and folders that allow you to work efficiently.

Gain 360º visibility into all your projects

No more hunting down clients and teammates, or feeling like you're in the dark. Track where you project is, the status of each task, and see feedback from all stakeholders in one place. Even get emails when the client is active, and a daily digest of what's been accomplished.

Stay laser-focused on what's left to do

Now, clients can give feedback on their own time. When you jump back in, feedback is compiled in one simple place. Choose how you want to organize it — filter by page location, device type, or stakeholder. View all items at once and search feedback in the List View or quickly see status across the project with the Kanban view.

Use folders to eliminate project chaos

Sort your projects into folders based on client, medium, campaign, etc. to streamline your workflow and keep relevant projects together. Just like projects, you can set folder access permissions and share a folder with a link or by email. Make your Punchlist dashboard a moment of calm in your busy day.


Punchlist fits into your existing workflows. Pull in creative files or share out actionable tasks with a few clicks.

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What integrations does Punchlist specifically support?

Webflow, Asana, Monday, Figma, Slack, Jira, Clickup, Wrike, Trello, Github

Can I control who has access to specific projects or folders within Punchlist?

Yes. You can add users or guests to specific projects or to an entire workspace.

How much does Punchlist cost?

Plans are scalable with 10% annual discounts and range from $17 to $197/month. See all plans here.

How easy is it for clients and stakeholders to provide feedback using Punchlist? Do they need to create an account or install any software?

Easily invite stakeholders and collaborators as guests. They can view and leave feedback on a project without having to create a Punchlist account or be added to as a Team Member to the project.

Are there any specific file types or platforms that Punchlist doesn't support for collecting feedback?

Punchlist supports uploading any file type that can be converted to an image. While we handle most conversions seamlessly, there might be instances where we can't directly convert certain formats. For example, Adobe Illustrator files aren't natively supported, but you can export them as an image or PDF for use on Punchlist.

When it comes to web content, there may be limitations if the content is behind a login or firewall. We've encountered occasional issues with providers, which can usually be resolved by adjusting settings or reaching out to the providers directly.