Link Directly To An Item In Punchlist

Sometimes you need to point someone directly to a piece of feedback — whether it’s a member of your team who needs clarification or a client whose opinion needs to be included. Rather than sending a link to the Punchlist project and asking them to scroll through until they find the piece of feedback that needs attention, you can send a direct link to the feedback!

A close up screenshot of a Punchlist feedback card with the user's mouse hovering over the ID number in the top right - the tooltip "Copy Link to Item" is displayed to the left of the number.

To send a direct link to an item:

  1. Click the item number in the top right corner of the feedback item card. This automatically copies the direct share link to your clipboard.
  2. Paste the copied URL in your message (email, Slack message, etc.) and send.
  3. When the recipient clicks the link, they’ll be taken right to the page and piece of feedback, with the feedback card expanded and any replies visible right away.