What’s The Difference Between A Manager, Team Member, And Collaborator?

There are three different user roles in the Punchlist app, each with unique permissions.

A Manager has an enhanced account management view, and can add Integrations to a Project, create and manage Projects, view all team Projects, and manage the team.

A Team Member has advanced permissions and management features too. Team Members can see all Projects across the organization, be @Mentioned by a teammate (even without already being added to a given Project), and be “assigned” items.

Team Members may also be set with the “Manager” role for enhanced admin tools, allowing them to adjust their Team’s settings and add Integrations.

A Collaborator is an invited guest to a specific project. They can view and leave feedback on a project, without having to create a Punchlist account.

The Manager on a given Team has the ability to change these permissions at any time. Managers have an admin view of everyone’s roles and activity across the organization.