Changing Workspace Members' Roles

Organizational roles may change and Punchlist offers a quick and flexible solution to changing workspace members roles within the platform.

There are four different role assignments to choose from, each with their own unique permission sets. 

At any time, an individual holding an Owner or Manager role, may execute these changes. Standing account Owners may change any role in the team, however, Manager roles can only alter other Manager roles and Team Members. Team Members cannot change their own roles or the roles of others in the Workspace.

To change a workspace member’s role::

  1. From the workspace dashboard, select Team from the toolbar. 
  2. Choose Team Management from the left sidebar. At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of all team members.
  3. Select the team member that you would like to change roles and click the Edit Role button. 
  4. Click the new desired role from the Manage Role pop up list. It is important to know the permission sets of each role to ensure the proper security measures are in place.
  5. Click Save

That’s it. The role change will take effect immediately.