Add Our Figma Integration to Your Punchlist Workspace

Figma is a stellar tool for collaborating on designs for advertising materials, wireframes, websites, and print collateral. While the tool does offer commenting, we hear that Punchlist users prefer to keep external comments from clients separate from the internal conversation that takes place in Figma. And when clients are familiar with Punchlist, it’s one less tool you have to train them on.

Now you can pull Figma files (even down to individual frames!) into Punchlist. Let’s help you get started.

  1. Click on your workspace name at the top right of the dashboard.
  2. Select “Workspace Settings”.
  3. On the left, select Workspace Integrations.
  4. Click the Figma icon.
  5. In a separate tab, navigate to and make sure you are logged in.
  6. On the left, click the Team name that you want to connect.
  7. From the URL, copy the Team ID number that follows /team/.
  8. Return to Punchlist and paste the Team ID number into the Team ID field, then click “Continue”.
  9. Click “Authenticate” and then, from the pop-up, click “Allow access”.
  10. Once you do that, you will be returned to the Workspace Integrations page and see a notification that says “Figma Integration Successful”.
A team's Figma dashboard with a pink arrow pointing to the Team ID in the URL. Certain personally-identifiable aspects of the URL are blurred out.
This is the part of the Figma URL you'll want to copy in order to authenticate the integration in Punchlist.

The next time you start a New Project, you will see a Figma button under Project Assets. You can select from any project in your team’s Figma account and create a Punchlist project from selected assets. Read more.