How to Navigate Punchlist as a Guest

With the latest update to Punchlist, guest users now have access to a new, streamlined dashboard designed to simplify navigation and improve collaboration. This new guest login experience ensures that feedback and project access are more intuitive and efficient, helping both guests and clients stay organized and productive.

How to Use the Guest Dashboard

Here's a simple guide to help you and your guests navigate the new login experience:

1. Click Share

Start by clicking the Share button on your project.

2. Add Guest Email

Enter the email address of the guest you want to add. You can also set a due date or copy a link to send directly to the guest. Adjust the visibility settings as needed.

3. Send the Invite

Press send. The status will show "Waiting on User" until the guest accepts.

4. Guest Receives Email

The invited guest will receive an email invitation to join the project.

5. Click Start Annotating

The invited guest will click on the "Start Annotating" button in the email.

6. Fill in Details

The guest will land on a screen prompting them to sign in.If the invitee does not have an account, they will need to make a free Punchlist account with their email and password.If the invitee already has an account, they can sign in with their email, through Google, or through Webflow.

7. Access the Project

After completing the login steps, the invitee will be directed to the project they’re invited to.

Once they log in, the invitee will also have access to their guest dashboard where they can see their projects, feedback, assignments, and more.

What We Heard

Many of our users have reported challenges with the previous guest login system. Here are some you’ve told us about: 

  • Guests had access to and could only leave feedback on specific projects they were invited to.
  • However, there wasn’t a central location for them to see EVERY project they were collaborating on.
  • A guest could only re-access a project by saving URLs or digging through emails to find the invite link.
  • Plus, the login process was cumbersome, often requiring guests to reset passwords they had never initially created, leading to frustration and confusion.

How We Fixed These Problems

To address these issues, Punchlist has introduced a dedicated guest dashboard. This new dashboard gives Punchlist guests access to all of the projects they’ve been invited to without them having to save URLs and search through email links. Plus, they have now access to the following features:

  • My assignments
  • My feedback
  • Projects they’re invited to
  • Notifications
  • Team settings
  • Workspace name

Adding these features is designed to make Punchlist more user-friendly and provide guests with everything they need to be active project collaborators.

Why These Features Are Solving the Problem

The introduction of the guest dashboard is a game-changer for several reasons:

Centralized Access: Guests no longer need to juggle multiple URLs or email links. They have a single dashboard where all their projects are listed.

Enhanced Collaboration: With access to all of their project feedback, assignments, and notifications, guests can now act as project collaborators rather than just feedback providers.

More Visibility: Guests can see the team and workspace name associated with their projects and which team/workspace they’re in. 

We believe these updates will greatly enhance the guest user experience on Punchlist, making guests true project collaborators who want to see their work come to life.