Manage Project Access

You have control over who can access your project in Punchlist. Make sure the right people can see the right projects by selecting the access level that meets your needs.

You can choose from:

  • Public
  • Workspace
  • Restricted

If your project is public, anyone with the link can view and comment (unless it’s in read-only mode) on your project.

If your project is set to workspace, any team member in your workspace will see the project on their dashboard and will be able to access the project. Guests outside of your workspace will need to be invited or can request access to the project.

If your project is restricted, only invited users will be able to access the project. This means you’ll need to invite team members and guests via email. If someone believes they need access and has the link, they can request access, but it will be up to the project manager to approve or reject the request.

Project access is set on a per-project basis. You can set the project access during the project creation workflow, or change it at any time by clicking the project’s Share button.

  1. On the project page, click the “Share” button at the top right of the page.
  2. You’ll see a “Project Access” dropdown. Click that and choose which level you’d like.
  3. Public
  4. Workspace
  5. Restricted
  6. Share your project with specific people by either clicking the “Copy Link” button, or adding their email below then hitting “Send.”

Read more about project access or watch the video below.