Create A New Project In Punchlist

Creating a project in Punchlist is super straightforward. You need to know only two things: What you want to call your project and what type of project you want to make, image or website. Here is a quick 30-second video on how to do it.

Instructions for creating a project.

  1. From the dashboard, click the “Create Project” button.
  2. Name your project. You can always change this later if you need to.
  3. What type of project?
  4. Image: Select all the files you want to upload. Files can be PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, or PDF. You can always add or remove files after you have started your project as well.
  5. Website: Enter the URL you want to start your project with. You’ll be able to add additional pages from within your project after you have created it.
  6. Click “Create Project.

That’s it.

If you would like to adjust any additional project settings like notifications, integrations, or password protection, you can click the gear icon at the top right of the project page, beside the Share button, to customize your project settings.