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Friday, May 6, 2022

Private Projects and Workspace Management

This release was focused on two core features that will allow you to manage projects more efficiently, and easily control who can (and can’t) collaborate.

For agencies, brand teams, and anyone who manages multiple stakeholders and projects, these features are key to making sure everyone stays organized, and nothing goes out to the wrong eyeballs before it’s ready.

Private Projects - Punchlist App
Private Projects - Punchlist App

Private Projects

Now you can control who can view and comment on your Punchlist projects, using the Project Access feature within Share settings.

Simply click “Share” on any project, and you’ll see a dropdown with 3 options:

You can also stack together Private Projects with Password Protection, for an added layer of security and control over “who sees what.”

Learn more about Private Projects.

Manage Project Workspaces - Punchlist App

Workspace Management

A lot of Punchlist customers manage multiple brands and 10+ projects, websites or landing pages. Often you’re dealing with a different group of stakeholders depending on the client team. We’ve just made it easier to manage your Workspaces within Punchlist, and quickly toggle between Workspaces with a handy dropdown menu in the top nav. You can have different team members in each Workspace, house all your projects into a unique Dashboard, and then get even more granular by organizing your Projects into Folders.

Learn more about Workspace Management.

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