Workspace Management Made Easy

May 6, 2022

Want to manage your Workspaces more easily within Punchlist?

Maybe you work at an agency by day, and have a freelance design studio or side project.

Or perhaps you like to keep each client / brand / department separate and neatly organized so there are no crossed wires.

Or maybe you just want to “brand” your Workspace with your company’s name and logo before presenting work to the client for review.

Now you can quickly navigate to your Workspace Management area from the top navigation and control everything with ease. Simply click the dropdown, and you’ll be able to navigate to your Workspace (project dashboard) and manage your Team as easily as point-and-click.

When you click “Manage Workspaces” you’ll arrive at your team settings where you can personalize, invite stakeholders, and get your team on the same page.

From the Workspace Management area you can:

  • Invite Team Members
  • Set Roles & Permissions of Team Members
  • Rename Your Workspace
  • Upload Your Logo or Photo
  • See Pending Invites to Others’ Workspaces

*Our free plan starts with 50 member seats. You may invite unlimited “guests” for free, who have a simpler level of permissions.

If you want to take it a step further and get super organized, you can establish a hierarchy. Separate your Workspaces by client or team, and then sort your Projects into Folders within a given Workspace, based on medium, campaign, etc.

It’s up to you how you manage your projects. We just want to give you the tools and flexibility you need to customize Punchlist to your workflow, so you can hit project milestones sooner, eliminate stress, and get more peace back in your day.