What's the Difference Between Workspace Integrations & Project Integrations?

Punchlist supports a variety of key integrations to help you with your workflow. These include common project management services like Asana, Jira, Trello and more, as well as UI tools like Figma and Webflow. You can also send feedback to Slack.

These integrations are great ways to send project feedback you receive on Punchlist to the tools you already work with. This will maximize visibility for your team and ultimately help you get the most out of Punchlist.

Integrations can be added to an entire workspace or just to one specific project. There are key reasons why you may want to use one level or the other. This article will explain why.

Workspace Integrations

The key benefit of adding an integration on the workspace level is that only one person has to manage the authentication details for the integrations.

Adding an integration at the workspace level saves team members from having to search for API Keys or login credentials every time they want to hook up a project to that integration.

It also helps to avoid sharing credentials with people you may not want to.

Something important to note is that both our Webflow and Figma integrations can only be added at the Workspace level. They are not able to be added to individual projects.

Adding a Workspace Integration to a Project

When you hook up a workspace integration, it is not automatically active on a project. You can activate the integration by going to the project settings.

In the project settings you’ll see what integrations have been enabled on the workspace. Click on the integration you wish to add to the project, then follow the steps in the modal to complete activating.

Automatic or Manual Integrations

When activating an integration, you’ll be given the option to turn on Automatic updates. This means when issues are added in Punchlist, they will immediately be sent to the integration. You’re able to change this at any time. Some users opt for automatic updates so that nothing gets missed by their team in the other tool. Others prefer manual updates so they can review feedback in Punchlist and only send immediately actionable items to their team’s tool.

Integrations We Support

Project Management Apps

  • Asana
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Wrike
  • Clickup
  • Github
  • Monday

These apps will require you to login in to your account or to provide an API token to enable our integration. 

Design Tools

  • Webflow
  • Figma

Figma and Webflow are slightly more involved than our project management integrations. They will require you to log into the service (Webflow) or share your Team ID (Figma) and then select the workspace/project that you want to import. As noted above, these integrations are only available on the workspace level. They can’t not be added individually to specific projects. You’ll be able to leverage these integrations within the project creation modal. 

Other Integrations

  • Slack

To enable our Slack integration you will have to log in to your Slack workspace and then select the channel in which you want your feedback to be posted. While the integration is created at the Workspace level, you can specify different channels for each project in your Workspace. 

We are always looking to add more integrations. If you have an integration you’d like implemented, you can contact us at support support@punchlist.com.

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