What’s The Difference Between @Mention And Assign?

Need to alert a specific team member or assign a task? Punchlist offers two separate methods of alerting collaborators in either a conversation or within a task, by the assign or @mention features.

To @mention a collaborator:

A GIF where the user types the @ symbol in a reply to a piece of feedback. Then the @ symbol is typed, it displays a dropdown of all collaborators and allows the user to select one collaborator at a time to mention in the reply.

  1. When typing within a Feedback Item Card or reply, simply press the @ button on your keyboard or click the @ button on the item card. The names of collaborators will begin to appear as you type. 
  2. Click Reply
  3. You can @mention anyone who is a part of your project, including team members, commenters, and project invitees. Also, there is no limit to how many individuals you can @mention at one time.

To assign a task or feedback item:

A GIF where a user's mouse clicks on the person icon to open a dropdown of collaborators. The user selects Brian, thereby assigning the task to that individual.

  1. On the project interface, within your desired Feedback Item Card, click the person icon to the left of the Status Dropdown.
  2. Select the team member that you wish to assign to the task. Keep in mind that you can only assign items to members of your workspace. Also, only one individual can be assigned to a feedback item at a time, but you may reassign the task at any time.  
  3. Individuals that have been assigned tasks will have an Assignment tab on their dashboard where they can access all assigned items. Additionally, Punchlist will send a daily reminder, via email, to the team member regarding the assignment.
A screenshot of the Punchlist interface where the Assignments tab is active. The page shows on assignment that says "Please see Jen for the updated pricing and plans." with a purple button that says "Go To Item".

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