What’s The Difference Between @Mention And Assign?

There are two ways to alert collaborators to a conversation or task in Punchlist. Let’s break down what each one means and does.


You can @mention anyone who is a part of your project, including team members, feedback item owners, commenters and project invitees. You can @mention collaborators in feedback items and replies, and there is no limit to the number of people you can mention in a single message.

The person you mentioned will receive an instant email with your message and a link to view the conversation in Punchlist.


You can only assign items to members of your workspace. Assign feedback by clicking the Update Item Assignment button to the left of the Status dropdown in the item card, then select the team member who should be responsible for the work. Only one person can be assigned to a piece of feedback at a time, but you can reassign feedback at any time.

The assignee will get a daily email with what they have been assigned to and will see a new tab (called Assignments) on the dashboard with all of their items. This tab and the daily email have links directly to the item in a project.

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