What can guests see and do in Punchlist?

Punchlist is fundamentally a way to receive feedback on your creative projects. This means you’ll likely be adding guests to your workspace or to specific projects. This article will outline what guests can and cannot do when invited to your Punchlist project.

First, to invite a guest you will go into a project and click the Share button in the top right of the header. This will open up modal where you can copy a URL to share directly or you can enter your guests’ emails.

You’re able to set an optional due date for the guests. If set, we will send reminder emails three and one day before the due date that prompt your guest to leave feedback on your project if they have not already done so.

When a guest signs up to join your project we will ask for their name and email. We do this so we can attribute comments to the correct person as well as to make it easier to follow up with them. 

Once they’ve joined your project, guests will be able to:

  • add feedback
  • leave comments on existing issues
  • see a project’s existing issues in the list or kanban views

Once a user interacts with your project by leaving feedback or adding a reply, they will be able to assign comments, @mention other users, and update project status. 

They will be unable to:

  • change project or workspace settings
  • see internal comments made between your team
  • view other projects you and your team are working on
  • share the project or invite other users if the project access level is ‘Restricted’

Guests will also receive emails from Punchlist when they’re assigned or mentioned in an issue. We will never market to them unless they sign up for their own workspace.

A guest’s dashboard will look significantly different than a full team members’. It will hide any advanced workspace options like creating a folder or adding a new project. As well, the workspace sidebar will not be visible to a guest. These are removed to focus the guest’s attention to the projects you’ve shared with them. 

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