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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Punchlist Integration with Project Management Software Integration is Finally Here!

By popular demand, our team just put the finishing touches on a new integration with one of the leading project management tools:! Say you’ve already built out your custom workspace, and you want to sync your Punchlist feedback items within Monday. You’re in luck. Now, the same helpful data that’s instantly captured in your Punchlist comment (screenshot, browser, resolution, device) will appear when you send the item to Monday.

Be among the first to try this new release. Head over to Project Settings → Integrations and click the logo, or select Add an Integration from the quick settings dropdown.

If you’re a Monday power user and would be interested in giving us feedback on the integration, and how you’d like to see it improve for v2, we’ll give you an extended 30-day Team trial in exchange for feedback.

Apply here with this quick form.

Misc. Bug Fixes:

Item Permissions – Item owners (i.e. the person who gave the feedback) now has full edit permissions to modify the content of an item. There were a few cases in which people weren’t able to edit a comment — we fixed it.

App Load Speed – We have improved Dashboard loading speed and ensured that your Punchlist projects can support as many feedback items as needed – even a 50-page website or 100-page PDF with lots and lots of comments.

Yes, Your Website Works – We’ve made improvements to our secret sauce to handle even more types of websites. If you’ve run into trouble before with loading an “edge case” website, this is a good time to retry that same site. If it still doesn’t work? Submit it for review and we’ll take a look!

Legacy Members – We fixed a bug that could cause some legacy account owners (i.e. signed up before February 2022) to be incorrectly restricted from features they are entitled to. As a friendly reminder, if you’re a longtime customer of Punchlist, you are “grandfathered in” to our Pro plan and all advanced features that come with it. We appreciate your continued support!

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