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How to Share a Project for the Best Quality Feedback

Your project is almost done. The finish line is in sight. Now, you just need to get detailed, quality feedback in order to deliver the project on-time and on-budget. 

We don’t mean hounding your client for an extra week, only to hear back “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” But rather, helpful and productive feedback to move the work forward. 

That being said, sometimes your collaborators don’t always know what kind of feedback you’re looking for, or how detailed to go. It’s up to you to help them, help you. 

Below we’ll cover 3 Punchlist features that are available on all plans: 

  • Reordering & Renaming Pages 
  • Setting a Project “Topic” 
  • Creating a Page Overview Video 

These features will help you set parameters around the kind of feedback you’re looking for, so that reviewers stay focused and help you knock out remaining items before launch. By doing these things before sharing your project, you’ll eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth and win back precious time during the pre-launch period.

1. Give Your Reviewers a Clear Sandbox to Play In 

How: Manage Pages 

To keep reviewers on track, we recommend spending time curating the pages on which you’d like feedback, before sharing the project link. For example if you have a 100-page website or 20-page PDF presentation, and perhaps you only need feedback on a few key pages, you can queue this up with ease.

In the Punchlist navigation, click the Manage Pages button at the top of your project. 

In the pop-up, you can add new pages by typing or pasting the URL for web projects, or selecting the file you’d like to upload for image and PDF projects. 

Rename the pages by clicking the page title, which is the first line of text in a page block. Type in the new page title and click the green check to save. 

For image and PDF projects, you can replace the image or page by uploading a new version. You can also reorder pages by clicking the double arrow icon and dragging the page to its new position.

Remove a given page by clicking the red Delete button. 

Note that if you have a website project and a user clicks to a page outside of the ones you curated using the website navigation, the new page will appear in the top “film strip” section of Punchlist. This is something we plan to add controls around in the future. 

Now that you’ve got your pages you want feedback on lined up, it’s time to let your collaborator know what to do next.

2. Set Expectations & Avoid Wasted Time 

How: Set a Project Topic

You can set a Project Topic by accessing the quick settings dropdown on the top right of your Project navigation. 

The Project Topic is global – meaning it will appear pinned to the top right of your sidebar on every page. Here, you can cover anything related to the project that you want reviewers to know. This may include specific sections on which to focus, changes from the last round of feedback, due dates, and more. 

Here are some example Project Topics you can swipe and deploy to speed up your project workflow: 

  • Welcome to the latest version of [Project Name]! We’ve incorporated the latest images and updated all the copy. Please have all feedback in by [Due Date].
  • Please review & mark up your design comments by [Due Date]. Please keep in mind, the content was approved as of [XX Date] and we’re only looking for design feedback at this stage.
  • Team: please QA and mark up any errors, especially on mobile! Design & content were already approved. We’re just squashing bugs before pushing live.
  • Per our call, please start reviewing on pg. 8 of the deck onward where we’ve incorporated all changes. Looking forward to your feedback! 

Setting a Project Topic works great when you have a holistic direction to brief your stakeholders on, before they give feedback. Ideally this is something that applies to the whole project. 

Now your pages are curated and your topic is set. But what if your feedback request needs a bit more context, or you want to cover specific nuances on a page-by-page basis? 

Next we’ll show you how you can set a Page Overview Video.

3. Tee Up “This is the Kind of Feedback I’m Looking For” 

How: Create a Page Overview Video 

Punchlist’s Page Overview Videos are a great way to ensure reviewers, and other stakeholders who may access the project, hear directly from you on what the focus should be. Page Overview Videos are unique by page, so if you want reviewers to focus on different items on each page, you can record separate videos. However, some project owners prefer to record one video and attach it to the first page of a project with guidance for the entire project. 

Here are just a few ways that Page Overview Videos help get you better quality feedback

  • Pre-frame with “here’s the kind of feedback I’m looking for” 
  • Brief the client on exactly which section to focus on 
  • Inspire & motivate your creative team by sharing big picture vision 
  • Talk through your thinking on what changes were made 
  • Add a personal touch to your remote client relationships 
  • Synthesize an overview of what was done in the latest version 
  • Add clarity to nuanced feedback that requires a human voice 
  • Replace the need to “just jump on a call” to present the work 

The best part? Just like Punchlist itself, there is no need to install any applications (although this feature works very similarly to Loom). Just click ‘Add Overview Video’ on the Page Info tab, and start recording. 

You can also upload a video that already exists from your computer. Keep in mind, videos have a maximum length of one minute — BUT there is no limit on the total number of Overview Videos you can record and share.  Punchlist takes care of all the storage, so record away to your heart’s desire. 

How will your reviewers know there’s a video? When a page has an overview video, the video will pop-out from the sidebar when the page loads (in other words, they can’t miss it). They can choose to watch or hide the video. There will also be a video camera icon on the Page Info tab and the page thumbnail when a page has an attached overview video. 

Now that you’ve curated the pages on which you’d like feedback, added a project topic, and recorded an overview video, you’re ready to start collecting feedback. 

Click the Share button in the top right of your screen and invite reviewers by copying the link or entering their email. 

Let’s get your project over the finish line!

Melissa Southern

Melissa Southern

Melissa Southern is a proud Durham dweller the Director of Operations at Punchlist. She previously spent 11 years in the agency world (most recently at Viget as a Senior Project Manager) and managed digital projects and teams for clients including the National Park Foundation, Stern Pinball and eBay.
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