New Feature: Search Your Entire Punchlist Workspace

August 30, 2022
New Feature - Punchlist Search! Easily search your entire workspace for feedback items, projects and pages.

We’re thrilled to unveil a completely rebuilt feature this week to all Punchlist users: Search! Now, you can search through your entire Punchlist Workspace for specific feedback, projects and pages at lightning speed.

Your Digital Paper Trail

No more “he said, she said” or combing through endless emails threads trying to dig up what was asked or already agreed upon. Easily refer back to specific comments, copy, attachments or anything that’s been said about a given piece of creative work.

Search your entire Workspace for:

  • Projects
  • Page Titles
  • Feedback Items
  • Sub-Comments & Replies

Even search within a given Project for specific Pages and Feedback Items.

Search your Punchlist workspace for virtually any kind of feedback, files, project names, page titles, page titles or even replies to comments.

“Where Did The Client Say This?”

We’ve all been there before. You can’t find a piece of feedback on a large web design project, which adds extra “work about work” and switching costs. By the time you finally uncover the request — buried in a spreadsheet or mile-long thread — your day disappears. This leaves no time to address this actual request.

No more!

Now you can move the project forward with no wasted time trying to hunt down comments or reference files.

This especially benefits agencies and marketing teams who work on a high volume of projects. You’ve got a lot on your plate! Let us make finding feedback the easy part of your job.

search feedback items and sub comments in Punchlist

Shortcut Your Search

Plus, who doesn’t love a good keyboard shortcut?

Just hit Control (or Alt) + K to pull up the search bar even faster. Or, you can always click the Search 🔎 icon in the top-right corner of your Punchlist navigation.

Manage Feedback Like a Boss

You already moved onto the next 3 projects… and having to switch gears mentally back into the headspace of last month’s feedback… all this tab-switching really adds up. Punchlist Search helps you find pinpointed feedback at lightning speed, and figure out what Page and Project it was on — without wasted time or mental energy.

Yet another way Punchlist helps you eliminate back-and-forth, switching costs, and racking your brain about “what did the client say?” or “which project was it on?” Streamline your whole feedback management process and turbocharge your project delivery, with Punchlist Search.

Happy searching!

Search Illustration - Punchlist App