An All New Punchlist Dashboard Experience

June 20, 2024

Check it out! We’ve updated the User Interface on our Punchlist dashboard.

Why Did You Have to Go and Update the Interface?

To continue simplifying the feedback management process, we wanted to reconfigure our team collaboration tool to serve you better. 

So, we got our best minds together and gave our dashboard a facelift so your most pressing feedback matters are what’s most prominent. Trust us, it’s a good thing.

What Are the Key Features of the New Interface?

Glad you asked. Here’s what’s new in our updated dashboard:

My Assignments and My Feedback Module

Starting off, you’ll now be able to toggle between two new modules: the My Assignments and My Feedback modules. These modules are designed to make Punchlist as relevant to what you’re currently working on as possible.

In the My Assignments module, you’ll be able to see every task that’s been delegated to you, the project it’s in, and the status of the task.

In the My Feedback module, you’ll be able to see all the feedback you’ve given on a project too, along with which project the feedback was left in and its status.

Projects & Folders

No, projects and folders aren’t new to Punchlist. But, below the My Assignments and My Feedback module, we’ve got a redesigned Projects & Folders section!

The new Projects & Folders section aims to make the creation and management of projects and folders easier. How?

  • Integrating projects and folders in one section
  • New Project and New Folder buttons front and center
  • Starred projects show up first in the module

Notification Panel

Have trouble finding recent notifications before? You won’t anymore.

Our new notification panel sits to the right of the new My Assignments and My Feedback module.

In this panel, you’ll be able to see your most recent notifications, what the change was, who made it, and when. Of course, when you click “View Item” you’ll be taken directly to the project where the notification was triggered.

Left Sidebar Navigation

Finally, you’ll also notice a brand new left-side navigation column! We made this column so you can easily navigate your way through Punchlist without having to jump back to the dashboard every time you want to go to a new project, folder, workspace, etc.

The left-side navigation column can take you directly to your Dashboard, Assignments, Submissions, Team, and Notifications. 

You can also change Workspaces, Workspace teams, and Workspace settings.

Scroll down, and you can go directly to your starred projects as well as any folders you’ve created.

Plus—if you need to—you can make a New Folder or New Project instantly from the sidebar.

Can Users Revert to the Previous Interface if Needed?

Sorry, but no. You’re stuck with this new user interface for Punchlist. But, we think you’ll enjoy the updated version of our team collaboration tool.

Will the Update Affect Third-Party Integrations?

No, of course not. Your favorite third-party integrations will still be working as hard as ever, even with the new dashboard. 

We hope you like Punchlist’s new look!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Our customer support team can help you get accustomed to the new User Interface.

Otherwise, keep knocking ‘em out.