New Feature Update: Direct Linking, List-Only View, & Screenshots

September 27, 2019

🎯 Direct Linking to Items

You can now link directly to an issue regardless of what page the item is on. We load the correct page of your project site as well as scroll down to the feedback. These links are public; you can reference the specific item with your team or client.

πŸ—‚ List-Only View

One of the suggestions we have heard a few times is a view that only shows the issues across the whole project. Often our customers will gather feedback then switch over to working in code or their CMS to implement the changes. This view will allow you to reference the items more conveniently. Bonus: The list is real-time so as you mark items done or new ones come in the entire project gets updated without a refresh.



Back in July, I mentioned that we take screenshots with each new page that gets feedback. Made a minor update where you can actually see a larger view of which page you are about to select.