Invites with Follow-ups

May 27, 2021

A lot of our product strategy could be summed up as “What are the things project managers hate to do.” If a project manager does an eye roll thinking about all the tedious things they have to do for their project, we want to solve it. This has been our guiding light for new functionality.

Today we’re excited to talk through a couple new features we have recently added, Invites and Due Dates.


This one is pretty easy to guess what it is about but we’ve done a couple of things with your stakeholders in mind. So now in a Punchlist project, you can invite anyone with an email address to your project or add your existing team members. They’ll get an invite with a custom link just for them and if they have not used Punchlist before they will be asked to set a name and password. If they aren’t a team member they will just see the projects they were invited to in their dashboard.

Due Dates with automatic Follow-ups

Now mixed in with the invites feature, we thought, what good is sending an invite if you have to follow up with that user to make sure they give their feedback? Well, we got you covered. Punchlist lets you set a due date per invite. We’ll email the user to invite them and also a few days before the due date. We’ve made these follow-ups smart too, so if the user has already commented on the project after you invited them, we won’t follow up asking for their feedback.