Feature: Screenshots

August 1, 2020

Punchlist is most often used while a website is continuously changing. The beauty of our tool is that the feedback is never against a version of the website that is outdated. Previously, we often saw with screenshots or pdfs; feedback would come back after changes were made or would be conflicting with someone else’s feedback. The advantage of using PL to gather feedback on a live or staging site means that you’ll get feedback quickly but, the next day, the site might be updated so the context of the feedback may have been lost. Today we are launching automatic screenshots. We have a straightforward solution, with automatic screenshots, that stick to our goal of providing a quick way to give website feedback but now prevent any lost context if the site is updated.

When feedback is added to a site now, you’ll see a screenshot of the surrounding area automatically appended to the item. So if a week later the site is updated, you’ll still have the screenshot that can be referenced.

We want to make project manager’s lives easier. The more we can make sure they don’t have to ask silly questions the better.

So now with Punchlist you don’t have to ask:

  • Which page were you on?
  • What section of the site was that?
  • What browser were you looking at?
  • What resolution was that in?
  • Where does this image go?
  • Can you add these to our task manager?
  • and now, Can I get a screenshot of that?