Cut Your Production Timelines in Half with the New Webflow + Punchlist Integration

November 9, 2022

The days of separating design from development are over, and so are the drawn-out projects that went with them. Thanks to the rise of visual software development tools, launching beautifully designed, highly polished, and highly flexible end results is more attainable than ever.

Webflow is leading the way for this future, and their popular no-code platform for designing, building, and launching websites is only the tip of the iceberg. More and more solutions are coming about to fill additional voids in the enterprise no-code tech stack, and Punchlist is proud to be one of them.

In fact, today we’re thrilled to announce that Punchlist is now an official Webflow enterprise partner. And when you check us out in the Webflow Marketplace, we’re equally as excited to show off our completely rebuilt codebase.

Save Time and Reduce Frustration: Why We’re Celebrating the Webflow + Punchlist Partnership

Punchlist’s visual-first, no-code feedback solution takes the frustration out of the creative feedback cycle, allowing you to provide feedback over live websites, landing pages, images, PDFs, and slides — no downloads or installations required.

And starting today, you can directly integrate Punchlist’s content marketing collaboration platform with Webflow via the Webflow Marketplace.

What exactly does this mean? Whether you're working on something as simple as a new blog post or as complex as an entirely new web project, you can now use Punchlist to gather content, collect design feedback, or just get the signoff you need to move forward. This is especially important for larger teams, since having more people involved leads to more feedback to keep track of. Punchlist makes it easy to capture everyone’s input in a single place and for teams translating that feedback into Webflow to stay on top of what’s already been done, what still needs attention, and what new feedback might still be coming in.

The results speak for themselves: teams that use Punchlist cut their production timelines in half by eliminating back-and-forth emails and needless meetings. As Danielle Scherr, Director of Business Development at leading Webflow agency Edgar Allen, puts it: “We previously had a lot of back and forth with clients to get more details and it became like a game of broken telephone, but now with Punchlist and Webflow, it’s all right there. It’s a lot less friction and a lot less effort.”

Getting Down to Business: How the Webflow + Punchlist Integration Works

Our new partnership with Webflow makes for a direct, seamless integration between Webflow and Punchlist. Just a few clicks is all it takes to get a custom URL that’s ready to share to collect feedback.

Simply log into Punchlist, pick your Webflow project, and we’ll pull in all your pages. From there, you can choose the pages you want to get feedback on and invite your team to start collaborating. Once they’re invited, teammates can see exactly how everything will look on the site (including animations) and leave comments on specific elements of each page. Collaborators can even @mention people to notify them about comments directly via email. 

And that’s it. Really. 

All of the comments are consolidated on one page so you can quickly see what needs to be fixed. Plus, because we know that design feedback is subjective, we've added likes and dislikes so you can easily see which suggestions have the most agreement and make changes accordingly. 

A Year of Reinvention: How We Got Here

Today isn’t just about announcing our enterprise partnership with Webflow. It’s also an inflection point for Punchlist after a year of tremendous growth and reinvention.

Punchlist was originally a side project for founder and CEO Pete Bernardo to teach himself how to write software. However, it eventually took off in the Techstars Atlanta program, allowing us to raise a seed round of funding and build a team. 

With over 15,000 teams now using Punchlist, we recently decided it was time to hit the reset button. We spent the past year doing just that, rebuilding the Punchlist architecture from the ground up. Now, our new code base is 98% smaller, which means it loads lightning fast, and we have a more scalable, flexible foundation on which to build all the amazing things our customers are requesting. 

We've been moving non-stop and are proud of how far we’ve come, but we’re even more excited because we know the biggest updates are yet to come.

Join the No-Code Revolution with Webflow + Punchlist

We’re extremely excited about all the improvements we’ve made over the past year, culminating in today’s announcement of our official enterprise partnership with Webflow.

Our rebuilt codebase and partnership with Webflow remove the typical frustrations of the creative cycle, making it faster and easier than ever to get the feedback you need on your website. 

We’re confident you’ll love it and that the best is still yet to come, so go ahead and give it a try – your first 10 projects are free!

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