June 29, 2021

Knowing who is working on what is a key part of getting any project done. More and more agencies are using Punchlist as their task board, so being able to assign items to teammates or even your clients is a key feature.

Punchlist now allows you to assign a piece of feedback to a teammate or anyone invited to your project. We think this opens up a few interesting use cases. First, as feedback comes in, a project manager can mark who internally should take over those items. The assignee will get a daily email with what they have been assigned to and a new tab on the dashboard with all of their items. This tab and the daily email have links directly to the item in a project.

The next interesting use case is that project managers can preemptively let stakeholders or team members know of action items they are responsible for. For example, provide feedback on a site for a client assigning them all the different areas you are missing content or feedback. They could upload images or give you the content you are missing, anything you need to get your project done.

Assignments are now live for all Punchlist plans.