The Punch Up: Navigating Punchlist’s Post-Acquisition Landscape


Date: Thursday, August 13, 2024
Time: 1 pm ET
Duration: 30 minutes

What We’ll Cover

Navigating the first 150 days post-acquisition.
Collaboration-enhancing changes rolled out in the last year.
Punchlist’s future as a creative collaboration platform.
Upcoming features built to simplify feedback management.


This exclusive webinar will focus on post-acquisition conversations between the CTO and CEO of Punchlist. They’ll discuss the acquisition story, what's changed with Punchlist in the 150 days post-acquisition, plus the features and updates coming to Punchlist soon. You’ll gain practical strategies, insightful anecdotes, essential updates, and a look behind the curtain at the exciting future of project management with Punchlist!

Who Should Attend?

If you're eager to gain exclusive insights from our CEO and CTO post-acquisition, and to dive into the future of collaboration at Punchlist, this webinar is for you! This includes:
• Executives seeking strategic direction
• Tech enthusiasts eager for insider perspectives
• Team leaders navigating collaboration challenges
• Innovators shaping the future of project management
This is your chance to learn how you can make your team more productive and what Punchlist is doing to push the envelope in team collaboration!


Brooke MacLean

Brooke MacLean is the CEO of Punchlist, the CEO and Founder of Atlanta-based growth marketing firm, and a relentless digital marketing expert. She believes that holistic, data-driven strategies can help brands make their mark on the world. As the CEO of Punchlist, her goal is to simplify the feedback management process for businesses worldwide, no matter the industry. Besides her passion for leading, Brooke is an insatiable world traveler, dog mom, champagne connoisseur—and way better at flip-cup than you’d expect.

Nic Rosental

Nic is a software developer, technologist, and the co-founder of Punchlist. He has a wealth of experience as an engineering leader and CTO in early-stage startups and large enterprises. He’s been building and managing all things tech at Punchlist for over 3 years, and he’s always looking for ways to make our team collaboration tool even more useful and streamlined. When he's not working on Punchlist, you can find Nic gallivanting around Atlanta with a camera in hand and his dog Rocky close behind.