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Pete Bernardo - Punchlist Founder CEO

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Pete Bernardo
Founder & CEO, Punchlist

Entrepreneur, TechStars Mentor, and occasional pizza maker. Former EVP at Three Five Two, Inc, Pete has 20 years of design & development experience across clients like CNN, Porsche, American Express, and Microsoft.

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Punchlist is trusted by 10,000+ people from agencies and brand teams

Kayli Bartlett<br>Senior Project Manager, Wax Creek
Kayli Bartlett
Senior Project Manager, Wax Creek
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Punchlist has become a critical part of our client management.

Fantastic app!
Mason Poe<br>Managing Partner, Edgar Allan
Mason Poe
Managing Partner, Edgar Allan
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Punchlist is amazing. We have been using it to create a list of what needs to be updated on our site launches and it's been a big help.
Kari Griffith<br>Project Manager, Bridges
Kari Griffith
Project Manager, Bridges
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Keep it simple! I really enjoy all of the features and the ease of use for my clients to review proofs. It is so simple and exactly what I was looking for!
Angie Kimmel<br>Content Marketing Manager, Hello Amigo
Angie Kimmel
Content Marketing Manager, Hello Amigo
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That’s probably our most efficient project to date. I don’t think we would be able to hit the deadline if we didn’t have Punchlist.
Danielle Scherr<br>Project Manager, Edgar Allan
Danielle Scherr
Project Manager, Edgar Allan
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Punchlist gives us TIME. And not having to go back and forth with our clients to get more details.
Dave Mason<br>Founder, Uncommon Agency
Dave Mason
Founder, Uncommon Agency
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The time we saved using Punchlist for quick reviews let us focus our time on UX and resulted in a 250% increase in conversions.
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