Say goodbye to painful email chains and QA spreadsheets forever

See how 10,000+ project managers are putting the client feedback process on autopilot. Just point, click, and comment. All in one simple tool.


Literally point and click

Your clients can mark up comments exactly where they’re referring to, on top of the project. No more deciphering, “what did they mean here?” Get started in seconds. No download or install required.

Your feedback layer over everything

Punchlist supports live websites, landing pages, PDFs, image files, even Powerpoints. Annotate feedback on virtually any file type, all in one place.

Capture a visual record of stakeholder comments

No more scratching your head at hieroglyphics like “on the About page, paragraph four, third sentence…” Punchlist automatically grabs a screenshot, resolution and browser in each comment so you can see exactly what they’re referring to.

What makes up a dot?


Gain 360° visibility into all your projects

No more hunting down clients and teammates, or feeling like you’re in the dark. Track where your project is, the status of each task, and see feedback from all stakeholders in one place.

Even get emails when the client is active, and a daily digest of what’s been accomplished!

Easy to share, with one simple link

Generate a share URL in seconds or invite users by email. Set a due date for feedback and our system will send automatic reminders – one less thing on your to-do list!

Assign & @mention to hold collaborators accountable

Keep everyone in the loop and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. @Mention or Assign comments as actionable tasks, and highlight missing assets or decision points directly on-screen.

We’ll automatically notify teammates when they’re mentioned or assigned so they can easily jump into the conversation.

Control who sees what (with added security features)

Manage who has access to your work by changing your project from public to workspace only or invite only. See who can view your project at a glance and manage user roles with ease.

For an extra level of protection, enable password protection. Move forward with confidence that nothing will leak before launch.

Keep your team focused

Laser-focus your stakeholders on exactly what matters. “Manage Pages” allows you to reorder and rename to prioritize pages for review. You can even toggle “Active Pages Only” to see which pages still require your attention!

Know exactly when the work is done

No more Re: Re: Re: final_FINAL_REV3 🙂

Stop digging through endless rounds of email chains. And no more calls just to get the final OK. Get Approvals directly in the Punchlist app, and we’ll notify you as soon as you’ve got the green light.

Punchlist Integrates with Top Project Management Tools

You’ve spent hours setting up and customizing your project management workflow. Your team understands what to do and when to do it. Why mess things up by giving access to your client?

Punchlist integrates with the leading project management tools to create a buffer between internal and external stakeholders.

Keep clients focused within Punchlist’s easy-to-use interface. We’ll take care of delivering feedback to your project management software. These integrations seamlessly turn client comments into actionable tasks for your team, and they can move the work forward without doubling efforts.

10,000+ teams worldwide trust Punchlist

Whether you need feedback from clients, teammates or your boss, Punchlist empowers you to consolidate it quickly, in one simple place.

Thousands of agencies, brands, startups and design firms are streamlining their feedback process with Punchlist.

Punchlist gathers all of your design & content feedback — in one place.