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Slack + Punchlist

All your Punchlist projects items are sent instantly to any channel in Slack.

The Punchlist Slack integration allows you to get instant visibility into all your feedback, on all your creative projects.

Using Punchlist’s integration with Slack, you can automatically create Punchlist projects from the comfort of Slack with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Plus, instantly send new comment notifications to the Slack channel of your choosing, AND organize all your projects on a per-channel basis to help compartmentalize your collaboration.

This Slack integration is perfect for any project manager, account manager, developer or creative who juggles multiple projects, manages many brands/clients, or just enjoys keeping things organized so that no feedback gets missed.

The Punchlist app also integrates with all your favorite project management tools, including Jira, ClickUp, Trello, Asana, Github and more.

This feature is free for anyone to use in Punchlist.

Try it today with just a few clicks.

Punchlist Slack integration - keyboard shortcut in action

Install Plugin

Simply add the Punchlist plugin to any WordPress self-install admin and connect to your Punchlist account.

Create a New Project

Once your plugin is installed you can go to any post or page regardless if they are published and start a new project in Punchlist.

Share with Stakeholders

Now just share with your client or team the Punchlist project. Any feedback will be gathered in the one place.