How it Works

Remove the friction of endless feedback by collecting and gathering in easy-to-understand and even easier to use steps.
Create a Project
Share a URL
Gather Feedback
Step 1

What do you need reviewed?

Type in a url or upload a file directly to Punchlist. There is nothing to install and Punchlist works on websites, images, and pdfs.

Supported File Types: Live Websites, PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, & PSD.

Step 2

Who needs to give you feeback?

Collaborate immediately. Share your project link with your team and start gathering feedback quickly, visually.

Punchlist allows everyone to give their best feedback on their own time.

Step 3

What type of feedback can they give?

You might be at an early stage where you are comparing a couple of design options, and you want your customer to give feedback on each. Maybe you are past an initial design round and you need to gather content or doing layout finalizations. Finally, projects near launch will be doing QA and content reviews and looking for final customer approval.

Everything you need to get your projects done faster

Visual Comments

Never ask the question, where on the page is that? Moving forward, you’ll know exactly where a client or teammate is referencing. 


Need clarity on a comment or need to tell a teammate about some files they need? Just type your teammate’s name with your comment, and they’ll have all the context they need. 

File Upload

Clients can upload the images you are waiting for while telling you where to use them. Designers can upload tweaks or references for teammates.

Mark As Done

Send a project to your team, and when they are done, they can mark an item complete. No more guessing what feedback has or has not been addressed yet.

Text & Video Feedback

Sometimes it is hard to type out your feedback, and being able to switch to video gives clients and teammates the flexibility to keep moving forward.


We take a screenshot behind the scenes with each piece of feedback and automatically attach it. Allowing you to go back and reference what it looked like at the time of the original feedback. 


Switch between mobile, tablet, and desktop all in one project with all the feedback organized by the breakpoint it was given at. 

Browser Details

In addition to automatic screenshots, Punchlist also records browser, browser version, and screen size with each piece of feedback. 

Asset 1

Punchlist gathers all of your design & content feedback — in one place