Add a Team Member to your Workspace

Adding everyone who is involved in a project in your Punchlist workspace ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. When your teammates all have Punchlist accounts you can quickly assign feedback to the right person and @mention stakeholders to make sure everyone is in the loop. Only workspace owners and managers can add new team members.

The quickest way to add team members to your workspace is by navigating to Team Management by clicking the Team icon on your project dashboard. There are two ways to invite a team member:

  1. Invite by Link
  2. Send Invitation (by Email)

Invite by Link

Your workspace has a custom URL that, when shared, will add whomever clicks on the link to your workspace. Be mindful when sharing this URL — since you have to pay for each team member in your account, you wouldn’t want to accidentally send this link to a guest or client. If you need to generate a new URL, you can do that right in your workspace.

Send Invitation

You can also invite new team members via email. When inviting team members by email, you can set their user role in advance.

Below the invite field, you can view a list of pending invitations. If you mistyped an address or sent an invite to the wrong person, you can delete the invitation before the user confirms and creates an account.