How to Invite Others to Your Project

Your project is ready for feedback! But first, you need to invite your teammates, clients, vendors, students, or others to Punchlist. Once they’re in, the collaboration can begin.

We give you the opportunity to invite collaborators during project creation. But if you’re not ready, that’s ok! You can invite others to your project at any time by clicking the Share button in the top right of your project.

Screenshot of the top navigation in a Punchlist project with a pink square around the Share button, indicating a user should click that button to invite users to a project.

Once you’re ready to invite others to your project, you can pick from two different approaches.

Screenshot of user invitation fields, including Project Access which provides a shareable link and Invite which allows project owners to invite others by typing in their email.
  1. Invite users via a shared link
  2. Invite users by email

If you decide to invite users via the link, all you need to do is copy the link and paste it where others can access, like a Slack channel, email, or your project management tool of choice. By default, all Punchlist projects are public, so keep in mind that anyone with the link will be able to review and comment on your project.

If you choose to invite users via email, just begin typing their emails into the invite field. If you have multiple people to invite, use a comma or click the tab button on your keyboard between each address. Users have the role of Contributor by default. You can choose to make them Approvers at the time of invite or after they’ve accepted. Here’s more about user roles. You can also set an optional due date for project feedback. Once you’ve invited collaborators, they’ll appear in a list below the invite fields. If you ever need to change their role or remove a collaborator from a project, you can do that from the list.

What does a Punchlist invite look like to a collaborator? They’ll receive an email like the one below.

As a reminder, we do ask collaborators (whether they are invited by link or by email) to give us their name and email address after leaving their first piece of feedback, so that their comments are properly attributed and it’s easier for you to follow up.