Schedule View-Only Mode

Feedback deadlines are a critical part of project management — without deadlines, project timelines will slip and you open the door to scope creep. But they can be hard to enforce! How do you stop last-minute feedback and keep your project on track? Schedule your project to switch into view-only mode.

View-only mode allows guests to see all feedback left on a creative project, and even reply to existing pieces of feedback, but it prevents anyone from adding new feedback or markers.

Follow these steps to schedule a project’s view-only mode.

  1. On the project page, use the Settings dropdown to access All Project Settings.
  2. Under View-Only Mode, select the date and time at which you’d like to stop collecting feedback. (No need to enable view-only mode using the toggle at this time — that will put you in view-only mode immediately.)
  3. Click Save Project.

That’s it!

When view-only mode is scheduled, anyone who visits your project will see a countdown at the top of the Items tab on the project page. Hovering over the countdown will display the exact date and time at which they can no longer leave feedback.

When the countdown is over, the Add Feedback button will disappear from your project and no new feedback can be added. If you need to reopen the feedback session, go back to General Settings and disable view-only mode using the toggle.