Project Status

At Punchlist, our goal is to help get your project over the finish line faster, and with fewer rounds of feedback. One way we’re doing that is by introducing project approvals. Now you can designate individuals to approve your web or image project with just a few clicks. Once you know it’s good to go, you can confidently move on to the next steps, whether that’s launching a website or sending out a final invoice.

In conjunction with approvals, we’ve added a Project Status setting, which can be found in the Settings dropdown once you’re inside a project. For now, only project owners and managers will be able to update the project status.

Below, we’ll break down the three project statuses from which you can choose:

  • Open for Feedback
    • If your project is open for feedback, we consider your project to be a work in progress. You are still gathering comments from your colleagues or clients and are likely making updates to design files or staging domains as you go.
  • Ready for Approval
    • Once your project is Ready for Approval, we’ll send an email to anyone you’ve designated as an approver. They’ll be able to go through your project page-by-page and let you know what’s approved. They can still leave feedback if there are outstanding issues or questions (and non-approvers can continue leaving feedback as well).
  • Approved
    • Woo hoo! Once your project is approved by everyone listed as an approver, we’ll send the project owner and manager an email sharing the good news. We’ll also notify any users who land on the project via a pop-up message. Users can still leave feedback on an approved project, but you’ll know that you can move ahead with confidence.