How to Use Project Submission Page

Your Project Submission Page allows you to receive projects from anyone — whether or not they have a Punchlist account. Anyone can submit a website, image, or PDF directly to you for feedback or approval.

Getting Started

  1. Go to ‘Submissions’ tab on your Dashboard
  2. Go to ‘Submission Settings’
  3. Set up a unique slug for your page.
  4. You can share that link with anyone.

Accepting a Project

When someone submits a project, you will need to accept the project before it is created. You can do this under your ‘Submissions’ tab on your project dashboard.

Submitting a Project

You must have a person’s unique Project Submission link in order to submit projects for their review.


Who can create a Project Submission Page?

Submission pages are only available for account owners or managers. If you are a part of an organization, this is either the primary account holder or a paid seat.

If you have a free account not connected to a team, you are the account owner. This means you can create a project submission page for yourself.