What’s the difference between a Manager, Team Member, and Collaborator?

There are three different user roles in the Punchlist app, each with unique permissions:

1. A Manager has an enhanced account management view, and can add Integrations to a Project, create and manage Projects, view all team Projects, and manage the team.

2. A Team Member has advanced permissions and management features too. Team Members can see all Projects across the organization, be @Mentioned by a teammate (even without already being added to a given Project), and be “assigned” items.

Team Members may also be set with the “Manager” role for enhanced admin tools, allowing them to adjust their Team’s settings and add Integrations.

3. A Collaborator is an invited guest to a specific project. They can view and leave feedback on a project, without having to create a Punchlist account.

The Manager on a given Team has the ability to change these permissions at any time. Managers have an admin view of everyone’s roles and activity across the organization.

Punchlist’s “Team” plan includes 5 Team Member seats, and our “Organization” plan includes 25 Team Member seats. Learn more about the features and benefits of each plan type on our pricing page.