Changing the way work gets done.

Punchlist is about building the tools we always wished we had at the company we always dreamed about building. We are a passionate team of hands-on contributors who believe if you put people first, good things will follow.

Pete Bernardo
CEO & Co-Founder

Nic Rosental

CTO & Co-Founder

Our Values

At Punchlist we are...

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We aim to build a best-in-class product and understand the risks it will take to get there. When we encounter hard decisions, we work together to define a path and have the confidence to see it through.

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We’re nimble. We innovate. We adapt. Above all, we help each other — and our customers — find solutions to problems in clever ways.



If we want to change the nature of creative work, we have to work well together. 
We are not limited to our roles —
we each have unique perspectives that elevate our product.

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We believe in treating people like people. We respect the experiences, ideas, and feelings of our teammates and our customers. Our goal is to bring more positivity to the Internet.



We set our sights high and pursue our goals with courage. Whether it’s company growth, personal growth, or customer experience – we aim for excellence and push to exceed expectations.


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