The Punchlist changelog contains a curated, chronological list of notable feature updates and bug fixes for each version of the Punchlist app.

Our team is hard at work building the best possible tool for your project management needs — so you can collect feedback more efficiently, with less back-and-forth.

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Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.80 - August 25, 2022
  • We’ve introduced a more powerful search across Punchlist. 🔍 There are two ways to search: on the Dashboard, your search will return results from the entire workspace; inside a Project, your search will return results from that project only. We return matches for project name, pages within a project, feedback items, and comments. Pro tip: use Ctrl/Alt + K to open the search box on any field. 
  • When adding a project to a folder, either in the project creation flow or within the project’s settings, we’ve improved the styling so it’s clear and easy to use.
  • Soon, users will have much more control over folders — like inviting users and controlling who has access. One small step we made this week was to make folder URLs more secure.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.79 - August 17, 2022
  • PMs spend a lot of time enforcing deadlines — but now Punchlist can take one thing off your plate. We’re introducing scheduled view-only mode. Now you can schedule an end date and time for project feedback. At the designated time, the project will switch into view-only mode automatically. 🪄 Ta-da!
  • Hyperlinks added in feedback comments or replies will now open in a new tab so you can preview the content without leaving your Punchlist project.
  • We improved the performance of direct links, so that your project loads quickly when you’re jumping to a specific piece of feedback. (Wondering how to get a direct link to feedback? Just click the feedback item’s number in the top right of the card to copy the URL to your clipboard.)
Punchlist feedback item with pink square around item ID in top right corner, showing that user can click ID to get direct link to item.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.78 - August 4, 2022

  • No, you’re not seeing things. Today we launched a refreshed UI design in the Punchlist app. When it comes to collecting feedback, we want your creative work to stand out. By lightening up the interface, we’re making sure all eyes are on your project.
  • Do you like it, or do you really like it? Either way, we made sure that if you thumb’s up a piece of feedback, your like appears right away.
  • We recently made some updates to how and who can reset a marker if it goes awry. We heard from users that it’s often easier for a project owner or manager to reset a marker than it is for the person who originally gave the feedback. So now project owners and managers can replace, move, or delete markers as needed.
  • New users will now have a way to extend their trial beyond 14 days. We added a checklist to our dashboard to highlight a few ways to kickstart collaboration. Each action that a new user completes extends their trial — that’s up to 28 days to test out Punchlist’s best features for free.
Checklist with title Getting Started and four to-do items, three of which are complete and have a green check mark. One item is still pending.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.74 - July 7, 2022
  • Over the past few weeks we’ve focused on improving the visibility and reliability of markers on your projects. Now, if you remove a component on a web project that was previously associated with a marker, we hide the marker to eliminate confusion. 📍
  • You can now send out a link that will take users directly to a folder. Soon, you’ll be able to manage permissions on the folder level, just like you can for projects. 📁
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.73 - June 30, 2022
  • This week’s release largely focused on the experience for our Enterprise clients.
  • Punchlist is optimized for team collaboration. We made sure that comments are attributed to the right user, and that you can at mention all users on your project. 
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.72.1 - June 25, 2022
  • Some folders were showing the incorrect number for the quantity of projects inside. That’s fixed!
  • We expanded the number of projects we’re pulling into Punchlist via, so now you should see all your projects when setting up the integration.
  • We made sure you can start a project from our homepage using our Quick Project creation. Try it out and start a new project in less than 30 seconds.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.72.0 - June 24, 2022
  • We’ve enhanced our method for remembering where a marker is dropped. This means no matter the item’s status or length of the project, you can count on your markers to be in the right place every time. 📍
  • We updated project approvals so you can remove contributors and approvers without changing the status of your project. 
  • If you found yourself trying to add users to a project via email, but they never received an invite email, we’ve made it more clear when email addresses are entered properly in the invite field. 
  • For users with integrations, we will no longer send screenshots to your project management tool if you have screenshots disabled on your Punchlist project. 
  • We cleaned up mentions and assignments on projects so you don’t accidentally tag a Timid Turtle or assign work to a Precocious Peacock. 
  • We also made a few styling updates to item filters, project access descriptions, and more.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.71.6 - June 22, 2022
  • You can now confidently delete pages on a project, sign in with Google, and link directly to an item in a project.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.71.4 - June 21, 2022
  • Our math was a little wonky, and sometimes you were seeing an incorrect number of active items on a page. Now the numbers you see in the film strip at the top of your project, on the List View, etc. should all be the same.
  • Just a few styling changes here – you may notice them if you’re adding an integration, putting your project in read-only mode, or assigning a feedback item to someone.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.71.2 - June 17, 2022
  • Do you have an extra tall (or long) PDF? Maybe it’s a mockup of a full website page, or a part of an annual report. We decreased load times and improved performance for larger PDF files.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.71.0 - June 16, 2022
  • Adds keyboard shortcut for new items. You can now type opt+n on Mac or alt+n on Windows to place a new feedback item on a project. 
  • Improves folder management: 
    • Folders now show only the projects assigned to them. 
    • Projects that are shared with you do not show up in your folders, only in your list of all projects. 
    • You can add or remove web or image projects from folders in the project’s General Settings page. 
  • If you’re a user with multiple workspaces and you add a project to one workspace it will only show up in that workspace.  
  • Improved URL check on project creation. If you try to create a web project and our URL check fails, you can now elect to skip the check and still create the project.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.70.1 - June 11, 2022

Changing How Conversation Happens in Punchlist.

We heard from users that it was annoying when the pop-up where users left comments was covering up the project. This made it difficult to see the item they were discussing. 

So we updated the item UI. Now, all conversation around a feedback item takes place in the Items tab on the right side of your screen.

You can still see all the helpful data related to a feedback item, like a screenshot of what the project looked like when the item was left, the date and time the feedback item was created, the user’s browser info. You can send the feedback item to your project management tool via an integration or update the work status to let others’ know what’s happening.

Most importantly, you can reply to a piece of feedback with a comment and hold an entire conversation without ever covering up the project.

Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.69.0 - May 31 2022
  • Gives users more control of the pages in their project. You can now remove any page of a web or image project, without it affecting the rest of the project! 😅
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.68.5 - May 12, 2022


This release adds an exiting new feature — project managers can now ask for and receive approval on a project. 

Specifically, this release adds project statuses (Open For Feedback, Ready For Approval, and Approved) and allows project managers to designate users as either Approvers or simply Contributors for their project. 

This feature removes ambiguity around whether your project is really “done”. 

Learn more about project approvals

Pop-up letting user know project has been approved, with animated checkmark.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.68.0 - May 6, 2022

Private Projects and Workspace Management.

This release was focused on two core features that will allow you to manage projects more efficiently, and easily control who can (and can’t) collaborate. 

  • Private Projects 
  • Workspace Management 

For agencies, brand teams, and anyone who manages multiple stakeholders and projects, these features are key to making sure everyone stays organized, and nothing goes out to the wrong eyeballs before it’s ready. 

Private Projects - Punchlist App
Private Projects - Punchlist App

Private Projects

Now you can control who can view and comment on your Punchlist projects, using the Project Access feature within Share settings. 

Simply click “Share” on any project, and you’ll see a dropdown with 3 options: 

  • Public – anyone with the link can access 
  • Workspace Only – anyone in your Punchlist team/workspace can access 
  • Restricted (Invite Only) – only available to those you invite/approve 

You can also stack together Private Projects with Password Protection, for an added layer of security and control over “who sees what.”

Learn more about Private Projects.

Manage Project Workspaces - Punchlist App

Workspace Management

A lot of Punchlist customers manage multiple brands and 10+ projects, websites or landing pages. Often you’re dealing with a different group of stakeholders depending on the client team. 

We’ve just made it easier to manage your Workspaces within Punchlist, and quickly toggle between Workspaces with a handy dropdown menu in the top nav. 

You can have different team members in each Workspace, house all your projects into a unique Dashboard, and then get even more granular by organizing your Projects into Folders. 

Learn more about Workspace Management.

Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.67.0 - April 21, 2022
Punchlist Integration with Project Management Software Integration is Finally Here!

By popular demand, our team just put the finishing touches on a new integration with one of the leading project management tools:!

Say you’ve already built out your custom workspace, and you want to sync your Punchlist feedback items within Monday. You’re in luck.

Now, the same helpful data that’s instantly captured in your Punchlist comment (screenshot, browser, resolution, device) will appear when you send the item to Monday.

Be among the first to try this new release. Head over to Project Settings → Integrations and click the logo, or select Add an Integration from the quick settings dropdown.

If you’re a Monday power user and would be interested in giving us feedback on the integration, and how you’d like to see it improve for v2, we’ll give you an extended 30-day Team trial in exchange for feedback.

Apply here with this quick form.

*Available on Team and Organization plans.


Misc. Bug Fixes:

  • Item Permissions – Item owners (i.e. the person who gave the feedback) now has full edit permissions to modify the content of an item. There were a few cases in which people weren’t able to edit a comment — we fixed it. 
  • App Load Speed – We have improved Dashboard loading speed and ensured that your Punchlist projects can support as many feedback items as needed – even a 50-page website or 100-page PDF with lots and lots of comments. 
  • Yes, Your Website Works – We’ve made improvements to our secret sauce to handle even more types of websites. If you’ve run into trouble before with loading an “edge case” website, this is a good time to retry that same site.
  • Legacy Members – We fixed a bug that could cause some legacy account owners (i.e. signed up before February 2022) to be incorrectly restricted from features they are entitled to. As a friendly reminder, if you’re a longtime customer of Punchlist, you are “grandfathered in” to our Team plan and all advanced features that come with it. We appreciate your continued support!
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.65.0 - April 7, 2022
Punchlist status styling in the annotation app

Status Styling.

This week we did a little styling update to Status dropdowns, making it easier (and prettier) for you to run your multi-layer project management process, and know where everything’s at.

As a friendly reminder, any paid plan (Solo, Team, Organization) members can update the status on each feedback item to:

  • Open
  • In Progress
  • Ready for Review
  • Waiting for Feedback
  • Done

This release also contained miscellaneous bug fixes that you probably don’t care about. But hey, we’re in this weekly habit of building and shipping, so let’s talk about it.

  • Fix on Assignment tab for mobile 
  • Fix for Slack integration – automated notifications 
  • Fixed pagination and “restore project” in Project Dashboard 
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.64.0 - March 31, 2022

Punchlist app - settings dropdown

New Project Settings.

In the past, the Settings section of Punchlist had become a bit of a junk drawer.

We wanted to better organize it — so you can quickly toggle things on/off and customize the Punchlist app to fit your team’s needs.

This means more control over your projects, without the frustration of hunting around. We want our members to spend their time making amazing projects, and less time trying to manage them.

Punchlist app - New Project Settings 2022

Now when you navigate to “Settings” on a Project level (top right nav button), you’ll notice clearly organized sections:

  • General Settings — things like Read-Only Mode, Show Screenshots, Video Comments, and Password Protection.
  • Notifications Settings — control your Daily Digest, Instant Notifications, and Slack Messages (which channel your feedback notifications go to).
  • Integrations — one easy place to manage your project integrations, whether you use Asana, Jira, ClickUp, Trello, GitHub or any of our other task management integration partners.

We hope this helps you free up time to focus on the creative work, and better control your settings and project communication.

Misc. Fixes

  • Filtering Feedback — UI improvements to “Item Filtering” and “List View”.
  • Page Navigation Film Strip — We made some improvements to the Page Navigation scrollbar and display at the top, where you can quickly navigate through multi-page projects (websites, PDFs, etc.).
    • This is also where you can toggle on/off “Active Pages Only” to help your collaborators focus on only the pages that have feedback.
  • File Picker in Folders — UI fixes to help you organize Projects into Folders.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.63.9 - March 24, 2022

Improved Slack Integration.

As you may already know, Punchlist integrates with Slack for instant visibility and compartmentalization across your projects.

In this release, we made some improvements to this integration requested by Punchlist members who are juggling lots of client projects and in turn, lots of Slack channels.

  • Slack channel dropdown now displays as many as you need (previously capped at 100, which was affecting people with archived channels). 
  • Slack channel dropdown now sorts alphabetically, so you can more easily sync your project notifications to the right channel. 

And of course, the integration works both ways.

  • Get instant notifications in the Slack channel of your choosing when feedback is added to your Punchlist project.
  • Quickly generate a new Punchlist project from Slack with a handy keyboard shortcut /punchlist.
Punchlist Slack Integration - channel dropdown

Misc. Bug Fixes:

  • Clearer copy when you delete feedback (”Item deleted” vs. “issue archived”).
  • Now accepting non-credit card payments for Punchlist subscription (e.g. Europe).
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.63.7 - March 18, 2022

Get Team Benefits, Instantly. 

Free 14-Day Team Trial experience from “Quick Project Create” button.

A lot of people who visit our homepage tend to give Punchlist a quick spin using this handy little form field, which you may have seen before:

Try with a Live Website

This widget used to give you our Free plan, which has a 25-item limit.

Now, this widget automatically gives you access to the advanced features of Punchlist Team ($99/mo.) for two weeks, free of charge! No credit card is required.

If you’re a new visitor who doesn’t already have a Punchlist account, you’ll instantly get access to a Team Trial.

Or, if you’ve got a friend or colleague who you think would benefit from a tool like this, and you want them to try out our advanced integrations, it’s as easy as sharing the Quick Project Create tool with them.

Team includes pro features like: 

  • Advanced Integrations with Task Management Tools 
    (Asana, JIRA, ClickUp, Trello, GitHub and more) 
  • Unlimited Feedback Items on Unlimited Projects 
  • Shared “Team Management” Dashboard to control Roles & Permissions
  • Premium Support 
  • Prioritized Feature Requests
  • 5 Team Member Seats 
Just one more way we’re removing friction from the feedback process. Enjoy! 
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.61.6 - March 3, 2022
  • Assignments” and “Statuses” – various styling updates to these premium features, available on all Punchlist paid plans. (shameless plug)
  • Updated the “Folders” UI and Styling – so you can more easily organize your Punchlist projects into folders, and keep things nice and tidy on a per-client or per-project basis. Perfect for those of you who are juggling 20 things.
  • Improvements to free trial experience for guest users – so when you invite a guest collaborator, they also have the opportunity to try out all the advanced features of Punchlist Team, for free. No credit card required. No catches. No joke.
  • Bug Fixes – We corrected an issue that allowed continued access to archived projects. Plus various other bug fixes to continue improving your experience!
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.61 - Feb 22, 2022

Statuses Are Here!

Now you can mark each item as more than just “Done.”

There’s now a dropdown per feedback item that allows a Team Member or project manager to change the status to:

  • Open
  • In Progress
  • Ready for Review
  • Waiting for Feedback
  • Done

This works wonders if you have a multi-layer review process, or kanban task management system, and you need to know exactly where things are at.

Who can update Statuses in Punchlist? Any Team Member, Manager or Account Owner on a paid plan (i.e. Solo, Team, or Organization plan – or a trial). Enjoy! 

Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.60 - Feb 11, 2022
Just a few items in today’s release, as we gear up for some awesome new features in the coming weeks! Can’t wait to share with you. 
  • Developers, unite! For this release, we introduced an exciting new Integrations platform that will allow faster development of third-party integrations, and migrates the Wrike integration as its first implementation 🎉
    • Learn more about all of our integrations with task management and comms tools here.
  • Wix Fix: We fixed a bug causing issues with certain websites (e.g. if your site is built with In case you’re interested, here’s what happened: these platforms use mixed-case query parameters and case-sensitive web servers such as IIS.
    • Long story short, we fixed the bug, and you should have no problems loading your Wix site into Punchlist and marking it up!
  • Misc: We fixed an issue leftover from attempting to load a non-existent Chrome extension.
    • (Sidenote: we are in talks about adding a Chrome extension to the future roadmap, if there’s enough demand. For now, you can create a Punchlist project with just a couple clicks – even from our homepage 🙂 )
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.59 - Feb 3, 2022
This is a “maintenance” release, chock full of bug fixes and UI improvements. We’re polishing up the Punchlist app, making sure it provides the smoothest experience for your clients and teammates to collaborate and manage projects together.
  • Folder selection on Project Creation screen no longer blocks the user interface. Generally, we’ve made it easier to organize your Projects into Folders within Punchlist, especially for those of you who are juggling a million balls in the air at once.
  • Fixed an issue caused by improperly attempting to contact a Chrome extension when not installed.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error state when following Project Invite Links repeatedly – so you can quickly get back to the work you were doing, especially on those longer-term timelines.
  • Fixed an issue that caused new pages to open in a separate window when links had a property of `blank` instead of `_blank`. This bug was encountered by several larger Team customers who use Punchlist for reviewing live websites containing external links. Now you can keep everything within your Punchlist Project, without link issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when retrieving Item Assignments for certain Projects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error condition when attempting to retrieve the Folder List for a Guest user (not logged in) via Submission pages and Product Hunt landing page.
  • Updated copyright dates and some other little details in all Punchlist email communications, which you probably weren’t worried about anyway since it’s in the footer 🙂 
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.40.2 - Nov 23, 2021
  • Added ability to filter Projects by type in `/projects` API endpoint.
Group 7
Punchlist Version 1.40.1 - Nov 23, 2021

  • Multiple UI improvements across the Punchlist app.
  • Fixed Project Invite “nag” notifications – so you can have Punchlist automatically send reminders on your behalf, 3 days and 1 day before its Due Date. Leave the followup to us, and you can focus on other things.
  • All Team Members now have read access to the “join by link” URL in their settings.
  • Added projects endpoint to API v2.
Group 7