What is a Punch List?

February 05, 2020

What is a Punch List?

What is a punch list?

A punch list is a to-do list used in construction projects. Typically, a punch list itemizes the phases of a construction project and outlines what work needs to be done for a general contractor to receive payment.

For example, a bathroom remodel punch list may include replacing tile, new flooring, a new shower, a new sink, and more.

Why is a punch list called a punch list?

When punch lists were paper to-do lists by general contractors, they would often punch a hole next to items on the list when they were completed.

What is a construction punch list and how do contractors use one?

A punch list is a to-do list of items that need to be completed during a construction project. Punch lists are useful for both general contractors and homeowners, so everyone is on the same page about what work is being done, the timeline for the renovation project, and the costs.

How do you make a punch list?

Easy! You can use the Punch List app. By using the Punch List app, both the general contractor and the homeowner will have a single shared place to track construction progress, change orders, and payments.

Where can I get a punch list template?

The Punch List app is the easiest way to build a punch list template. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 415-570-6991. We’ll help you get started and upload all of your project details. The Punch List app works best when both the general contractor and the homeowner are using it to stay connected, so we’ll make sure both parties are using the app too.

What are the common items on a punch list?

Typically, a punch list will include a detailed list of all the sub-projects involved in a home renovation project. A kitchen remodel punch list, for example, would likely include steps to replace appliances, countertops, and perhaps even plumbing, depending on how extensive the renovation will be.

The punch list allows for both construction teams and the clients to stay on the same page about the progress of a construction project through completion, including the certificate of occupancy.

How does a homeowner or contractor use a punch list?

Typically, the general contractor will share a punch list at the start of a renovation, so both the contractor and the homeowner have a complete list of what work is going to be done during the construction project. When the work is completed, the general contractor will typically do a final walk-through with the customer. That way, both parties can confirm all the required work was completed to everyone's satisfaction, and all list items were finished.

Where can I find a sample punch list?

What to include on your punch list will vary based on the type of construction work you're completing. Punch list items are typically outlined by the contractor completing the work, then approved by the homeowner.

If you use the punch list app, we'll help you get your project list items uploaded into the app and shared with the homeowner. If you curious about what that will look like, give us a call, and we'll share a sample punch list.

Keeping everyone on the same page makes remodeling projects substantially smoother. For a general contractor, using the Punch List app also makes it easier to get paid on time by the client, because they're able to get paid in phases as the job gets finished.

Is there a punch list mobile app?

Absolutely. When you download the Punch List mobile app, we'll walk you through the process of getting your project checklist uploaded and shared with the homeowner. The Punch List mobile app works on both iOS and Android, on both iPhone and iPad.