Think Like a Homeowner: A Contractor’s Successful Guide to an Easier Home Remodel

January 13, 2020

Think Like a Homeowner: A Contractor’s Successful Guide to an Easier Home Remodel

As a general contractor, your number one goal is for your client to be satisfied with your work. Remodeling a home is a huge undertaking, though, and for homeowners who have never been through the process, it can be an overwhelming experience.

The process of cultivating a positive work relationship requires a lot of detail. If you’re looking for simple ways to make the remodeling process easier, less stressful or just plain better, remember these four rules.

Speak in Layman’s Terms

Remember: you’re doing business with someone who probably doesn’t share your background in construction. Leave the industry slang at the door. Take the time to do things like making sure you explain yourself when you use the word ‘entitlement’, or remembering that your client might not know what a herringbone backsplash looks like off hand. You want to make the process as accessible as possible for your client, so you can make sure you’re on the same page.

Communicate Every Step of the Way

That brings us to our next point — communication. You should be able to aptly describe your communication style during the remodeling process with two simple words: extensive and often. You’re probably not all in favor of working with a client who’s breathing down your neck through the entire remodel. Chances are the homeowner doesn’t even have the time to watch over you moment to moment while you’re on the job. Remodels already take up substantial mental space, and require effort, attention and investment from homeowners. If you’re meticulous with your communication, you’ll ensure none of those things go to waste — and a client who’s happy with the end product.

Expressly Review Your Budget and Project Plan

While it’s important to be clear about every facet of the remodeling process, whether that be demolition or timeline, budget is something you’ll want to review closely with your client. For many a homeowner, budget is the obstacle standing between them and their dream home. Even for homeowners who are secure in their finances, budget can be an easy trigger for stress. Take the time to review the budget and make sure to explain any potential changes. Plus, the sooner you can get work cost approved, the sooner you’ll be paid for it.

Download Punch List

If you already make a point to do all of these things — that’s fantastic, both for your business and for your customers. Why not let technology make it all a little easier? If you haven’t heard of Punch List, check it out. With a simple app that offers messaging, photos, client approval of progress, and payment tracking, Punch List is the first modern tool for simple and efficient home remodeling.

You’re already tuned in to our list of best practices: why not download the app that’ll make adhering to them easier than it’s ever been?