The Best Sample Bathroom Punch List

July 29, 2020

The Best Sample Bathroom Punch List

Remodeling your home is like a marathon — it pays to finish strong. Putting together the right punch list can help you do just that.

Creating a comprehensive punch list at the end of your renovation means considering even the most granular details. That process can be overwhelming, especially if you’re finishing out your first-ever bathroom remodel.

Don’t sweat it. Find our sample bathroom punch list below – and don’t shy away from writing in your own additions.


☐ inspect and repair any damage done to sheetrock during renovation

☐ inspect and repair paint job

☐ inspect and repair grouting on any tile

☐ check that doors and windows open and close easily

☐ check that doors and windows lock and unlock easily

☐ sand or trim warped or uneven caulking


☐ inspect flooring: has it been damaged? Does it need touching up?

☐ clean and remove any paint or dust residue

☐ tile flooring only: check that grout has been evenly applied and sealed


☐ check toilet flushes properly

☐ check toilet tank refills properly

☐ check water pressure in shower and bathtub

☐ check drainage in shower, bathtub and sinks

☐ check water from shower, bath, sinks: does hot water remain hot? does cold water remain cold?

☐ check cabinet door alignment: do doors hang at a crooked angle?

☐ check cabinet doors and drawers: do they open and shut easily?


☐ check decorative lighting: has it been installed properly and securely?

☐ check functionality of decorative hardware: this means drawer knobs, light switches, etc.

☐ install shower curtain rod

☐ install towel racks, hooks

☐ remove paint or dust from countertops and cabinets