Specialist App Acquired by QuickCarl, Inc.

May 18, 2020

Specialist App Acquired by QuickCarl, Inc.

We are excited to announce that Punch List’s Specialist app, which enables professionals to interact with their customers using video calling, has been acquired by QuickCarl, Inc. Founded by CEO Todd Forsman in 2017, QuickCarl saves its customers time, money, and hassle with real-time, on demand video assistance from home services professionals.

Launched just two weeks ago as a side project by the team at Punch List, Specialist was built to help those most negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic - more than 75% of independent contractors, a third of the American workforce - who have reported losing work due to COVID-19. Armed with a few key features in mind, a handful of talented team members, and a bucket of optimism, the Specialist beta app was developed from concept to public launch in only 3 weeks. Watching thousands of specialists and their customers discover the app days after launch inspired us to keep pushing forward, and reassured us that we were on the right track in our quest to find product market fit.

Heading into May, we had an important decision to make. Does our six person team return Punch List’s attention to the home remodeling industry and our namesake app, or do we switch gears and invest in Specialist given its promising early momentum? The decision was actually quite easy - although we are proud of Specialist and are encouraged by its outlook, we are committed to realizing Punch List’s long term vision and are hungry to get back to work.

As fate would have it, Todd reached out about a week after launch to chat about his company QuickCarl and our Specialist app. It became clear that Todd’s obsession with finding the latest and greatest technology, combined with his utmost dedication to his customers, made him a great entrepreneur and candidate to acquire Specialist. Recognizing the power of video chat almost three years ago, Todd built QuickCarl to leverage messaging, video calling, and digital payments to connect homeowners and pros instantly. After a few conversations, it was apparent that Todd possessed the drive and full time commitment that Specialist’s customers deserved moving forward. “We have been working on the augmented reality video service call concept for some time now, and I’m excited to acquire Specialist app as we continue on our journey,” Todd commented.

Today is the end of the line for Specialist. The app’s name, app and web designs, public domains, support content, and ancillary marketing content were acquired by QuickCarl, Inc. The Punch List team will remain with Punch List, although I will be joining QuickCarl as an Advisor for the remainder of 2020. Specialist pro’s and their customers are encouraged to transition to QuickCarl as soon as possible to ensure no disruption in service. Todd added, “we are excited to offer continued support for Specialist customers and are eager to provide white glove service during the transition. Please contact us at support@quickcarl.com (opens in a new tab) for more information or assistance.”

The Punch List team would like to extend a special thank you to all of the Specialist experts and their customers who have supported our app since launch, those who have given us honest feedback at every stage of the process, and who have persevered through these challenging times to generate revenue for your families. I’d also like to personally thank the Punch List team for its selfless outlook as this opportunity presented itself and for always putting the best interests of our customers first. You continue to inspire me each and every day. We are all rooting for QuickCarl’s customers, and for every single American affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be on the lookout for great things from Punch List in the coming weeks - we’ll be continuing to launch additional features to help contractors successfully complete remodels as America heads back to work. We recognize that it’s more important than ever to apply technology to the jobsite, including safe interactions with high-risk clients, increased access to projects in your area, and faster access to your capital and loans than ever before. While we are sad to see Specialist fade into the sunset, we are confident that its customers are in good hands and are hungry to get back to work on Punch List.