Top 3 Tips When Providing Project Feedback To Your Agency

At Punchlist, communication is one of our top values. It’s the entire premise behind what we do! We believe communication lays the foundation for any business, project, or relationship in general.

It’s a known fact that communication can get complicated when you don’t have the person right in front of you. We have all misread a cryptic email or wrongly interpreted a weirdly worded text. Hearing the tone of voice and reading body language can be key aspects to clear communication. So what do you do when your primary form of communication is digital? 

When working with an off-site partner, you can’t go up to their desk to chat about a project. Most feedback will take place over email, phone, or project management software. Thankfully, there are ways to manage your feedback efficiently while maintaining a healthy relationship. We are breaking down our top 3 tips when providing feedback to your agency. 

Be Specific 

Clarity is key. Remember that your business partner is most likely not a mind-reader, so they will need some specific details when you provide edits. For example, responses like “I’m not really feeling this, can we do something different?” offers little help to the creator. Instead, list specific examples of what you would like to see, with as much detail as possible. This will set them in the right direction, so they can get you exactly what you are looking for quicker. 

Trust The Experts

Remember that you hired your agency for a reason! They are experts in their field, and they most likely have a specific process with a data-driven strategy behind it. So when your sister’s cousin’s brother’s hairdresser tells you that you need to be doing “x, y, z” with your marketing strategy, trust that your agency knows what they are doing, and there is a purpose behind their process. There is absolutely no problem with asking questions or offering ideas, but it’s best to ultimately defer to your agency’s expertise. They have your best interest in mind and are doing everything in their power and knowledge to deliver you your desired results. Getting caught up in minor details or listening to the “advice” of outside voices can slow the process or throw it off its course. However, if you feel the project is majorly straying from your overall vision, it may be time to have a broader discussion with your agency.

Always Use Respect

When communicating with your agency, remember that this is an equal partnership. While they are providing a service to you, remember they do not belong to you. They most likely have other clients and projects, so their attention is most likely not solely yours. Blasting them with demanding emails or constantly faulting them over minuscule details can often cause issues and ill feelings. Keep things professional, and always maintain a level of respect when communicating. While it can be frustrating when detail is left out or a mistake is made, it’s best to take a step back before firing off a derisive email. Look over your message, and do some tweaking if needed. It’s much easier to maintain respect, rather than having to rebuild it. Of course, if major mistakes are made or are constantly occurring, it may be time to reconsider the partnership. Even when working with a top-performing agency, small mistakes are bound to happen here and there. In most cases, it’s best to remember we are all human and to have patience and respect when conflicts arise. 

Communication can be challenging despite the nature of any given relationship, especially if you are not face-to-face. At Punchlist, we created our project management software with these pain points in mind. Our purpose is to make project communication quick, clear, and easy. Ready to give our services a try? Sign up for your 14-day free trial today. 


Pete Bernardo

Pete Bernardo is the Founder & CEO of Punchlist, a TechStars Mentor, and occasional pizza maker. Former EVP at Three Five Two, Inc, Pete has 20 years of design & development experience across clients like CNN, Porsche, American Express, and Microsoft.
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