Punchlist Receives Collaboration Software “Rising Star” Award From Leading B2B Review Platform

Punchlist received a prestigious industry award from a leading B2B software marketplace in recognition of its performance as a top collaboration and annotation tool.

CompareCamp, a trusted B2B SaaS comparison site, acknowledged Punchlist with a Rising Star Award, recognizing the product’s growing customer base and consistent high-quality score in customer reviews. The award is given to new software that has earned market validation in just a short period of time. 

The criteria for the Rising Star Award are based on the amount of positive feedback and social mentions. Experts from CompareCamp published a detailed Punchlist review that looked into the software’s quality, usability, customer service, and value for money. 

Punchlist annotation "dot" features -- revolutizing the feedback process

Results of the review show that Punchlist is a versatile collaboration and annotation tool perfect for agencies, brands and marketing teams. Not only can users annotate effortlessly, but Punchlist also supports virtually any project type — including websites, landing pages, PDFs, images, slide decks and even Photoshop (PSD) files. This allows teams to progress in their work while managing feedback from clients and stakeholders in one single platform. Whether you’re working on an internal task or an external client project, Punchlist makes feedback fast and easy. 

Easy to Use

Based on CompareCamp’s review, Punchlist’s best features are its ease of use and flexibility as an “all in one” feedback management tool. Compared to other collaboration software, Punchlist’s user-friendly dashboard stands out among the best. In just a glance, you can clearly understand all projects and feedback. This is critical when you’re working on several projects, brands or clients at once. 

CompareCamp also praised Punchlist’s robust collaboration features. The app isn’t just an ordinary annotation tool to be used internally. It especially shines as a cross-team collaboration tool for managing feedback across many stakeholders and clients.

CompareCamp highlights collaboration features that solve many feedback issues at work. With Punchlist, you can give and receive detailed project feedback on any kind of project (website, landing page, etc), at any stage of the project (audit, content gathering, sitemap, wireframes, design mockups, staging & production).

Comments on content and design are shown in real-time, directly overtop the area that users are referring to. You can even manage permissions and roles for your team members, to control who sees what. Punchlist includes helpful features such as @mentions, assigning feedback as tasks, and the ability to upload attachments directly to a comment.

Integrate With Project Management Tools

The review discusses Punchlist’s multitude of platform integrations. Punchlist integrates seamlessly with other project management tools, plugging into your existing workflow. In fact, it can work with some of the top-ranking task management platforms today such as Wrike, Jira, ClickUp, Trello, Asana,, and many more. You can likewise connect your work through various file hosting services, including Google Drive and Dropbox. This allows users to upload files, add references, and clear up confusion with clients and teammates.  

We at Punchlist would like to extend our thanks to CompareCamp for giving us this Rising Star Award. For our founding team working hard every day to make Punchlist the best tool possible for you, this recognition means a lot.

The Punchlist team also recognizes our customers who continually support us by using the app. We’re building this tool for you. Let us know how we can improve it, and we’ll keep chipping away. In the spirit of Punchlist, your feedback is always welcome!

Zack Kinslow

Zack Kinslow

Zack Kinslow is the Product Marketing Director at Punchlist. Formerly the Education Production Lead at Foundr, Producer at Skillshare, and Zack-of-all-trades at the Art Directors Club, he has a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. Zack has produced over 100 online courses serving 500,000+ students worldwide.
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