What’s Punchlist

Pete Bernardo

Last year I wrote about leaving my full-time job to start something. What I was going to do was still a mystery to me, but eventually, I zeroed in on a small product that I felt would solve a common issue I have seen over the years, I’m calling it Punchlist.

So what is Punchli.st? When I get asked this, I usually start by saying I don’t have a quick way to describe it yet. Of course, it is critical to be able to describe a product in just a short phrase, but I’m not there yet. With that said, I think Punchli.st is a quick way to gather feedback about what is wrong or not finished on your website. It’s that task list you do before you consider the project done.

Typically the solutions right now are a bunch of emails, a slack channel, or just a piece of paper on your desk. Keeping track of what is still not done and what issues everyone is running into is hard, especially when you are racing to launch.

So far users have been sending out Punchlist's to their teammates asking for feedback on an active project. Others have been sharing them on Slack channels to get feedback from a community. Design freelancers have been sharing feedback them with their developers to keep track of what is off from the original designs.

The loop I’ve designed above is a user starting a project in Punchli.st, add a line of code to their website (just like Google Analytics), and then they share out the project. Anyone that gets the project link can comment and mark sections of the site they think still needs attention. Maybe there is a typo; an image could be better, something looks broken in the design, etc. They can use your site like they typically would and when they spot something they can mark it. All the feedback is organized by pages and displays a marker where they marked the issue.

That’s what I’m working on, Punchlist.