What’s It Like To Build In Webflow? [Video Series]

Zack Kinslow

What’s it like to build in Webflow? Our friends at Edgar Allan invited us to their “EA Live” series to show you the ropes. In this video walkthrough, their team does a live design & build of the Punchlist.com homepage.

Webflow is an online visual editor platform allowing users to create websites without having to code.

In this edu-taining 3-part series, watch Edgar Allan’s Felix and Florencia flex their skills and teach the whole process:

  • Re-creating the Punchlist style guide in Figma
  • Transferring the style guide from Figma to Webflow via Knockout
  • Developing the homepage in Webflow
  • Building custom components like sliders and carousels


Episode 1: Creating The Style Guide

Episode 2: Homepage Development (Part I)

Episode 3: Homepage Development (Part II)

Bonus: Interview with Punchlist Founder

Special thanks to team members at Edgar Allan for partnering with us and giving the Punchlist homepage a Webflow makeover! Check out their beautiful work at edgarallan.com.