No one wants to add a line of code

Pete Bernardo

One of the things I’m learning as I onboard users are that my demos skip parts of friction in my process that I hadn’t considered. For example, all my demos have been going really well, the user gets to the aha moment relatively quickly and they immediately get the problem I’m trying to solve. The key is they are starting with active projects where there is already feedback on the project. I wasn’t walking users through getting a project setup just using the tool after it was ready.

When I would follow up to see why they hadn’t started using the tool on their own I heard the same thing a few times… “I didn’t realize I needed to ask my developer for help” or “I don’t want to bother my team with installing something new.”

I’m working on a version that makes onboarding much more streamlined. The goal is you put a URL and can start giving feedback almost immediately, not requiring even a line of code needing to be added to your site.