Integrations: Github, Clubhouse, and YouTrack

Pete Bernardo

Our goal with Punchlist has always been to make the life a project manager easier. Gathering feedback to wrap up a project is often the most frustrating part of a project because you are often asking a client to do something they are not used to doing. Our first step was to make giving feedback easy.

And now, we have been focused on getting the feedback out of and into your existing workflow. A few weeks ago, we announced having launched direct and automatic Trello, Asana, and Jira integrations. Today I’m happy to say our march to add more integrations was not over. We recently added support for Github Projects, Clubhouse, and YouTrack.

This brings us tremendous coverage of the tools most project managers use to oversee what is left.

We have a few more integrations in mind but if you are looking for something in particular please reach out and let us know.